Meeting of 10/8/2021

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
10/8/2021, [5:30 pm] 5:45 pm- 6:48 pm, Friday, in-garden.

Attendees (10 total; 8 members [of 15]): (see Minutes below)


  1. Vote on Rex H., motion to suspend or expel or not (formal grievance was made via email by Hannah N. against Rex H. on 1/31/2021 with several discussions and motion reiterated since then);
  2. Winter supplies update: who will pick up, Sat, Oct 23, 2021, 10 am – 1 pm.
  3. Re. scheduling garden workday, REMINDER: anyone can initiate a garden workday (day and time) inviting everyone; non-members can also initiate through a member.
  4. NOTE. Volunteer hours have not been really been logged/recorded at all for members; the logging and recording of volunteer hours is meant for non-members to be able to know when they qualify to become a garden member.
  5. Hydrant key issue (Vamos does not currently have one).
  6. Rain barrels – how many do we need and to fill with water?
  7. Any fall-winter community activities?
  8. REMINDER: Any suggestion for changes to the garden governing structure, as well as, any other bylaws related changes, Amendment Proposals can be submitted in writing (email) at any time; then one or two meetings before the Annual Meeting, submitted and new amendment proposals will be mentioned during the meeting; amendment proposals will then be voted on at the Annual Meeting.
  9. MENTION: That garden members participate in adding to the agenda items by replying to emails that announces the next meeting.
  10. Other items.


Hello Gardeners

Meeting attendees:  Chester Cattouse,  Joanne Gil,  Carmen Bonilla,  Ray Montalvo, Enrique Arrosa, Shig Matsukawa, Raul Santiago, Efrian Ramirez, Jeannie Nieves, Hannah N., Edwin C.

One of the agenda was to vote on the motion for the grievance against Rex Hughes, for the lost of key from April 1, thru Sept 30, 2022. However, on a recommendation from Jeannie Nieves, Enrique Arrosa and  Ray Montalvo, a new motion was put in to ban Rex Hughes starting April 1 thru Sept 30, 2022 from entering the Garden at all during such time. Joanne Gil had a proxy for Efrain Gil; Jeannie Nieves had a proxy for Rolando Acevedo.  All members vote YES, EXCEPT Shig M., which didn’t vote one way or another.  Motion was passed, therefore, Rex Hughes isn’t allowed in the Garden during this time.

On a different note, the Children’s Garden (Down to Earth Garden) offer to lend us the key for the fire hydrate for those interested in getting water and filling up the barrels. We decided to just keep 4 barrels, and donate the rest to another garden that might be in need of them. You can coordinate with Shig, to pick up the key and return.

Members also agreed upon not having any meetings during winter, since we have had so many and half of the time the members don’t show up. We would coordinate through email for any snow removal or anything else that needs to be done. 

We also spoke about picking up the winter supplies giving out by GreenThumb, and a few members volunteer to do the pick up with Edwin Cruz and myself.  
Have a bless day.

Hannah N.
Secretary at Vamos A Sembrar

Meeting of 9/27/2021

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
9/27/2021, 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm, Monday, in-garden.

Attendees (7 total; 5 members [of 14]):
Hannah N., Edwin C., Shig M., Carmen B., Jennie N., Frank G., Raul S.


  1. Regarding Rex H.;
  2. Winterizing Garden;
  3. New member updates;
  4. Moving the gas grill out of the garden;
  5. Other items.


Today’s meeting consist on the following topics:
A motion was put to vote for the grievances against Rex Hughes, 10 days from today. The voting is taking place on October 8. The majority of the members agreed on the removal of keys for 6 months, stating April 1, thru Sept 30, in addition to losing privileges to vote for such time.
Another discussion was the grill and propane tank. I have send out an email a week ago, and no one has claim to be the owner of such.After texting Anthony, he has confirmed the propane tank needs to be remove from the garden.
The majority of members decided to give until October 8 , for the owner of propane tank to be remove, if not, it will be remove.
Shig spoke of all the preparation for winterizing the garden, and all the things that we should start working on.

Jeannie and Raul, have spoken to the next door neighbor about painting over the graffiti wall. They have offer the paint to us.

Hannah N.

Winterizing the Garden

Activities to do this Fall and through the Winter 2021-2022:

  1. Fall leaves:
    1. Sweep them into the garden and put some in the tree pit in front of the garden.
    2. Ground cover – spread the leaves, as well as, plant clippings (cut them into small pieces), throughout the garden ground to cover the soil. Bare soil will dry out quickly killing beneficial soil microorganisms and creating a dusty situation; and bare soil, after rain can create muddy situations.
    3. Excess leaves – If there’s excess leaves, where the ground exceeds 3 inches of leaf cover, then either put them in a leaf bin (to be made out of chicken wire in an upright cylindrical form), or coordinate to bring the excess leaves to the garden on the corner of 12th St & Ave B (Down to Earth Garden, see for their hours – currently, their open-hours for food scrap drop-off throughout the winter are Tuesdays 1:30-3:30 pm and Thursdays 3:30-6 pm).
  2. Continue picking up trash, throughout the fall and winter – use litter picker tool (fixed and kept in the new small toolshed).
  3. Rain barrels:
    1. Put all rain barrels on cinderblocks (4 blocks, 2 in one direction, and 2 on top in 90° direction). Putting them on the cinderblocks will raised them to a height where the spigot can be used to fill the watering cans.
    2. Cover the opening of each rain barrel with mosquito net; use an open lid to attach the mosquito net onto, or if no open lid, then attach the mosquito net on the open rain barrel on its rim.
  4. Move the snow shovels, ice breakers, and de-icing salt to an accessible location so it’s easy to access them after a snowfall/snow storm.
  5. Move beds at least 2 feet away from the wall. This is a general requirement and it will make it easier to destroy rat holes and to keep it clean.
  6. Fabric (hardware cloth) for the bottom of the new beds (which will be relocated).

Records of Meetings

Meeting of 8/25/2021

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
8/25/2021, Wednesday, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, in-garden.

Attendees (10 total; 8 members [of 14]):
Hannah N., Edwin C., Shig M., Frank G., Joanna A., Jennie N., Carmen B., Joanne G., Vito D., Efrain G.


  1. Welcome new people and explain how to become a member;
  2. Revisit and update regarding Rex H.;
  3. Other items.


Unofficial notes (other than above agenda items). Started using ball to pass to those who will speak(idea from the Restorative Circle meeting)–mostly worked; there were still some over-talk. Mention of LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival 9/25-10/3. Suggestion of a Domino event.

Records of Meetings

Meeting of 6/24/2021

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
6/24/2021, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, Thursday, in-garden.

Attendees (14 total; 9 members [of 14 members†]): list below, plus Hannah N.
† From 6/24/2021, 14 total garden members (see re. Ray M. in minutes below).


Hello, Gardeners
    Meeting from Jun, 24, started at 5:45 and concluded at 6:35

Hello, Gardeners
 Our meeting on Jun, 24 started at 5:45 and concluded at 6:35
 Members present were
 Jeannie Nieves 
Rolando Acevedo 
Edwin Cruz 
Shig Matsukawa 
Raul Santiago 
Joanna Gil
Efrain Gil 
Santiago Sanchez 
Ray Montalvo, which completed his volunteer 20 hours and 3 meetings becoming an official member.
  4 new people interested in becoming members, Carmen Bonilla, Olga Colon, Elizabeth Colon, Deborah Colon

* We decided were to transplant the 2 trees
* spoke about having to remove the existing bed that are against the wall, 3 feet from the wall
* having GreenThumb come to put the cement where the casita and shed is suppose to be built
* what to do about the graffiti on the wall since GreenThumb doesn’t own the wall and can’t touch it
* suggested collecting an annual due from members
* Rex’s certificate of Anger management classes, still waiting to be presented to the members 

   On a different note, it was brought up to my attention that some members are complaining about items being remove from the garden. If anyone knows exactly what has been remove from the Garden, please let me know. In addition, about some plants being ripped out, as I stated to Anthony, no one has giving me any complain about plants being ripped out other then Jeannie Nieves.

Hannah Negron

Records of Meetings

Open Garden Day BBQ 6/5/2021

Open Garden Day Event 1

BBQ and Music

June 5, 2021, Saturday, 11 am – 4:30 pm.

Live music by Ray Santiago and his Rumba
First set 45 minutes (starting around 12:30 pm).
Second set 45 minutes.

Everyone is welcomed.

Note: Please wear a mask and practice 6 feet social distancing.