Meeting Notes 6/17/2022

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
6/17/2022, 5:30 pm, Friday, in-garden.

Attendees (_ total; _ members [of 15]): (see Minutes below)


  1. Membership updates.
  2. Reminder: garden’s Open Hours: Mon-Sun 12 pm – 4 pm.
  3. Vote on proposed amendments to the bylaws:
    1. Amendment proposals (Bylaws Amendment Process):
      The following proposals can also be seen in the Bylaws Draft webpage in red letters.
      1. Proposal #1. To add garden materials use, such as, soil, compost, mulch, and garden tools and equipment, under the Garden Guidelines, under section C (as C15):
        1. Garden tools (and equipment):
          • All garden tools are to be shared by the garden members and volunteers, unless it is a personal tool which the individual shall then be responsible for its whereabouts.
          • Garden tools are to be maintained by the garden members and volunteers, stored properly and cleared of dirt after every use.
          • Garden tools left in an individual’s plot: if you need to use it, first, please ask the gardener who is assigned the plot in case it is left there for a reason or in case it might be that person’s personal tool.
        2. Garden materials (soil, compost, mulch, wood chips, etc.):
          • Please label all materials that have just come in, especially if they are in bags, as to their purpose (example: “Soil for bed #3 [person’s name], to be used by July 15.”)
          • All garden materials from GreenThumb (versus bought by an individual) are for public use and shall follow GreenThumb’s policy below; portions of such materials can be assigned for a specific purpose (that is, labeled for someone’s bed, for part of the common area, for street tree pits, etc.).
        3. From GreenThumb’s policy:
        • Materials received from GreenThumb are for public use. GreenThumb encourages garden groups to use GreenThumb’s resources in the garden and in street tree pits to beautify the entire neighborhood as street tree pits are under the jurisdiction of NYC Parks.  GreenThumb encourages garden groups to also work with the NYC Parks Stewardship division’s staff to assist in larger street tree care projects if interested.  More information about that program is available here:
        • If garden groups are found to be using the majority of our resources in private spaces, GreenThumb might give the garden group a violation for improper use of resources and the garden would not receive resources for a period of time.
        • GreenThumb encourages your garden group to always have a collectively decided plan for use of our resources in alignment with your garden’s bylaws and to use the resources provided by GreenThumb expeditiously. Delays in garden groups using GreenThumb’s resources can result in rat harborage conditions. A garden’s failure to use GreenThumb resources in a quick fashion can also result in future delays of supplies.
    2. Proposal #2. To be added as section 4.3.4.:
      • If a garden member misses three (3) consecutive garden meetings, they will not be allowed to vote for the remainder of the year.
    3. Proposal #3. To edit the clarity of the text/explanation in part or parts of the bylaws that addresses suspension, expulsion, revocation of membership temporary or long-term, and denial of access to the garden while under any of the above.
      • Current wording in bylaws 6.3.1.a. “Determine the consequences which may include one or a combination of the following, but not excluding other possible resolution(s) and/or penalties not shown here:
        Suspension; censure; probation; expulsion; a mutual and amicable resolution; some way(s) for restoring trust; one or more specific penalties as agreed upon by the majority of vote by the garden members, such as: the loss of the key privilege for 6 months,1 year, or longer, but keep their garden membership (which means can only be in the garden when another garden member with key is in the garden) and they no longer have their garden position(s), if applicable; or the person is expelled from the garden for a specified period of time: 1 year or 2 years, loss of key and membership; or the person is expelled and may not revisit for possible return as a member for no less than at least 4 years later or as may be determined by the garden membership.”
        • Proposal #3.1, propose changing “may not revisit” to the more clear meaning, “may not be considered“.
        • Proposal #3.2, propose adding to the end of this paragraph, which is from the GreenThumb Gardeners Handbook 2021, page 76 (except for the words in italic): “Even if membership has been revoked, or if an individual has been expelled, or banned, a garden cannot deny someone access during public open hours.
  4. Vote on nominations to steering committee positions for the term 2022-2023:
    1. Joanne Gil (Member since 1/25/2021. Involved since 9/8/2020.)
    2. Vito DiTomaso (Steering committee 2019-2020. Previous Secondary Contact Person to GreenThumb 2018-10/13/2020. Involved since 4/19/2017.)
    3. Carmen Bonilla (Member since 9/27/2021. Involved since 6/24/2021.)

Currently, on the steering committee (5 of 8 available positions):

  • Hannah N. (2019-2020, 2021-2022)
  • Enrique A. (2019-2020, 2021-2022)
  • Jennie N. (2021-2022)
  • Edwin C. (2021-2022)
  • Shig M. (2019-2020, 2021-2022)
  1. Other items.


To be added after the meeting.

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