Meeting Notes 5/17/2022

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
5/17/2022, 5:30 pm, Tuesday, in-garden.

Attendees (12 total; 10 members [of 15]): (see Minutes below)


  1. Membership updates.
  2. The garden’s Open Hours: Mon-Sun 12 pm – 4 pm.
  3. Amendments to the bylaws:
    1. Discuss any amendments; today is the deadline to submit any proposals to amend the garden bylaws.
    2. Amendment proposals (Bylaws Amendment Process):
      1. Proposal to add garden materials use, such as, soil, compost, mulch, and garden tools and equipment, under the Garden Guidelines, under section C (as C15).
      2. Proposal to edit the clarity of the text/explanation in part or parts of the bylaws that addresses suspension, expulsion, revocation of membership temporary or long-term, and denial of access to the garden while under any of the above.
  4. Nominations for any open positions (garden positions, steering committee positions).
  5. Use of garden materials – issues and discussion for possible guidelines/protocols.
  6. Graffiti on the walls update.
  7. Garden layout (“floor plan”) for existing elevated beds (“box plots”) since a casita or shed is coming with a cement floor.
  8. Tree pruning/trimming updates:
    1. Tree closest to the gate is technically a weed that grew into a tall tree and blocks the morning sun. This tree can be trimmed to give more sunlight to the garden, most of the right side of garden and the wall of the church. 
  9. Other items.


To be added after the meeting.

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