Outside Mediation Resources

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2/16/2021 – DRAFT – work in progress.

The following information has been provided by GreenThumb. Additional information can be found in the GreenThumb Gardener’s Handbook (2019, pp. 75-77).

GreenThumb does not involve itself in garden disputes. Below are some professional mediation services you can be in touch with regarding ongoing conflicts:

NY Peace Institute offers free mediation services with professionally trained mediators and their services can be accessed by filling out the form on their website here: https://nypeace.org/mediation/

The NYC Transformative Justice Hub is a group that provides political education for anyone interested in transformative justice and community accountability and provides a space for people actively engaged in the work to process and get consultations and support. More information about accessing their resources is here: https://nyctjhub.com/public_whatwedo.html

Turning Towards Each Other: A Conflict Workbook is a guide to working through conflict in groups in transformative ways.
PDF (56 pages, 7.8 MB): Turning Towards Each Other Conflict Workbook.
Or, visit: https://turningtowardseachother.medium.com/turning-towards-each-other-embracing-the-gifts-of-conflict-for-social-change-ea28502016b7

Dealing with Disagreements is an attached handout from GreenThumb about making meetings work when disagreements arise.
PDF (6 pages, 159 KB): Dealing with Disagreements.

Ten Strategies for Conflict Resolution is a [1 page] handout given out at past GreenThumb webinars and workshop about transformative justice and conflict resolution.
The 1-page is below as an image. Click on the image to enlarge it.
Or, PDF (1 page, 48 KB): 10 Strategies for Conflict Resolution.

10 Strategies