Communications Guide

2/16/2021 – DRAFT – work in progress.

Table of Contents

Communications with GreenThumb
Communications within Garden Members
Communications with Other Community Gardens and Organizations

Communications with GreenThumb

Only 1 of 2 people may communicate directly with GreenThumb (through their Outreach Coordinator) at a time: the Garden Liaisons, either the Primary Contact Person or the Secondary Contact Person.

Garden Liaisons
Primary Contact: Hannah N.
Secondary Contact: Rex H.

See the responsibilities of the Garden Liaisons and how they are chosen.

It is the responsibility of the Primary and Secondary Contact Persons to communicate with each other, that whenever the Primary cannot followup on communications to/from GreenThumb, the Secondary will be following up until the Primary can resume/take over again.

From GreenThumb, that the Primary (or Secondary, when the Primary has informed the Secondary to temporarily cover for the Primary) are to forward to the general garden membership (by email or by other means, such as printouts, for those garden members who do not or have trouble with email communications):
From GreenThumb > to Garden Liaisons (Primary and Secondary).
From Primary (or Secondary) > to all Garden Members:

  • GreenThumb regular (monthly) emails on updates, resources, and upcoming events, workshops, and webinars.
  • GreenThumb notifications: snow removal, surveys, applications for tools and materials (compost, mulch, soil).

To GreenThumb, from the Primary (or Secondary when informed by the Primary):
From among the Garden Membership > to Primary (or Secondary).
From Primary (or Secondary) > to GreenThumb Outreach Coordinator.

  • Filling out surveys (the Primary/Secondary is to inform the entire membership of each survey, and then coordinate how each survey is to be filled out).
  • Filling out/responding to applications for tools and materials (the Primary/Secondary is to inform the entire membership, and then gather the information from the Garden Members as how to fill out the application or what items to request).
  • When certain types of events are to be held in the Garden that requires notifying GreenThumb (See <reference here>).
  • Updates to the Garden’s GreenThumb Registration which includes membership information, change in Primary or Secondary Contacts, Garden Bylaws, Garden Positions (Garden Chair, Garden Secretary, Steering Committee), and Garden status (organization, mission, dues, etc.)
  • Issues that GreenThumb may need to be informed about: graffiti, vandalism, damage or dangerous conditions that may have resulted from a natural event (bad storm, flooding, hurricane/tropical storm), rat infestations, tree issue that requires NYC Parks Forestry Dept to take care of (fallen tree; tree limb that may fall off; severely damaged tree). Many, if not all, of these may also need to be reported by any one or more garden members calling into 311.
  • Regarding conflicts among Garden Members, must be dealt with within the Garden, or use the Outside Mediation Resources. It is not the responsibility of GreenThumb to be involved with any internal conflicts. The Primary (or Secondary) may report such conflicts, but only upon consent by the Garden Members made at a general garden meeting, and only to inform GreenThumb.
  • No email communications should include GreenThumb unless under very special cases. Otherwise, all communications are to go through the Primary (or Secondary) Contact.

Communications within Garden Members

Communications with Other Community Gardens and Organizations