Meeting Notes 8/25/2021

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
8/25/2021, Wednesday, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, in-garden.

Attendees (10 total; 8 members [of 14]):
Hannah N., Edwin C., Shig M., Frank G., Joanna A., Jennie N., Carmen B., Joanne G., Vito D., Efrain G.


  1. Welcome new people and explain how to become a member;
  2. Revisit and update regarding Rex H.;
  3. Other items.


Unofficial notes (other than above agenda items). Started using ball to pass to those who will speak(idea from the Restorative Circle meeting)–mostly worked; there were still some over-talk. Mention of LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival 9/25-10/3. Suggestion of a Domino event.

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