Meeting Notes 6/24/2021

Vamos A Sembrar
Community Garden General Meeting
6/24/2021, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, Thursday, in-garden.

Attendees (14 total; 9 members [of 14 members†]): list below, plus Hannah N.
† From 6/24/2021, 14 total garden members (see re. Ray M. in minutes below).


Hello, Gardeners
    Meeting from Jun, 24, started at 5:45 and concluded at 6:35

Hello, Gardeners
 Our meeting on Jun, 24 started at 5:45 and concluded at 6:35
 Members present were
 Jeannie Nieves 
Rolando Acevedo 
Edwin Cruz 
Shig Matsukawa 
Raul Santiago 
Joanna Gil
Efrain Gil 
Santiago Sanchez 
Ray Montalvo, which completed his volunteer 20 hours and 3 meetings becoming an official member.
  4 new people interested in becoming members, Carmen Bonilla, Olga Colon, Elizabeth Colon, Deborah Colon

* We decided were to transplant the 2 trees
* spoke about having to remove the existing bed that are against the wall, 3 feet from the wall
* having GreenThumb come to put the cement where the casita and shed is suppose to be built
* what to do about the graffiti on the wall since GreenThumb doesn’t own the wall and can’t touch it
* suggested collecting an annual due from members
* Rex’s certificate of Anger management classes, still waiting to be presented to the members 

   On a different note, it was brought up to my attention that some members are complaining about items being remove from the garden. If anyone knows exactly what has been remove from the Garden, please let me know. In addition, about some plants being ripped out, as I stated to Anthony, no one has giving me any complain about plants being ripped out other then Jeannie Nieves.

Hannah Negron

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