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Please show the following items to garden members/volunteers who do not have access to the Internet (either by printing out or by showing them on your device).

Below items will be updated regularly or whenever new information is available

9/27/2021 Fall-Winter Garden Maintenance Activities (Winterizing the Garden) [from Meeting of 9/27/2021].

7/20/2021 Tue 5 – 7 pm, Restorative Circle Garden Meeting for all of the garden members (6 of 14 garden members attended); an initial meeting to begin dealing with the persistent, debilitating and paralyzing, inter-personal toxic combativeness among the garden members. Arranged by GreenThumb (attended by Outreach Coordinator, Anthony Reuter) and hosted/facilitated by Halley and Justo, as circle keepers from OATH’s Center for Creative Conflict Resolution.
(OATH – City of New York, Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings)

A guideline from the circle keepers,

“Share to be known,
listening to other people to know.”

To learn more about restorative circles, see

See also Outside Mediation Resources provided by GreenThumb.

Participants – Garden Members – Volunteers [updated 10/1/2021]
(meetings attended, hours volunteered, member status)

Garden Positions – Garden Liaisons – Raised Beds Assignments/Waiting List [updated 5/6/2021]

Garden Layout (Designs) [updated 5/6/2021] – New raised beds will be placed according to Garden Layout 4/26/2021 (Edwin C.) -refer to diagram in the Garden Layout (Designs) webpage.

As of 7/2/2021, GreenThumb no longer requires us to keep a log of attendees/participants for the purpose of Contact Tracing. And mask wearing in the garden is no longer required, but is now left up to us as a garden group.
5/25/2021. For all garden events, please use the following Contact Tracing Form:
“Note this form is for use as a CDC contact tracing document for public events. Please wear a mask and continue to use social distancing. We will NOT use your personal information.” [5/25/2021]

Lumber from GreenThumb (to build more raised beds) [updated 5/7/2021]
Date/timeframe expected: on waiting list (as of 5/7/2021, there’s a shortage of lumber; other gardens are ahead of us; may not get it this season)
Lumber requested: 4/7/2021

5/6/2021. Photos – Plants Donation from Diaz Y Flores community garden
Contact Joanna A. for details.


  • Garden Activities (public page):
    Litter picking, Rat harassment, Mosquito prevention, Tools organizing and maintenance, Hand-mulching, Ground cover managing, Weeding, Planting, Watering, Harvesting, Fruit harvesting or composting, Fall-winter raised bed preparations and general soil preparations.
    Snow and Ice Removal from the Sidewalk in Front of the Garden
  • Steering Committee Tasks & Roles (public page, under About):
  • Garden Bylaws Records (public page):
    Current bylaws; previous bylaws; amendment process; membership rights (working draft).
    REFERENCES: garden license, GreenThumb Gardeners Handbook.
    Behavior Rules and Actions – Resources and Guides:
    Communications Guide, Outside Mediation Resources, Grievances Sample (working draft), Self-Regulation Guidelines (developing).
  • Garden Guidelines (public page, under current bylaws webpage):
    A. Members, Volunteers, and Visitors Rules
    B. Planting Areas, Raised Beds, and Assigned Plots/Beds
    C. Garden Care and Maintenance