Grievances Sample

The following is a sample text where items in (parenthesis) should be taken out and items in [brackets] should be replaced with the relevant information. This sample text is a guide and may be changed as per case may determine.

In order to prevent email clutter and therefore overburdening other garden members, as well as, to minimize avoidance by, disregard (ignore) by, and/or discouragement of other garden members, submitting this type of formal grievance should be only as a last resort, after all other means of resolving the situation has been carried out.

To [accused]:

First we are emailing grievances made in details, in writing to you and copied to just the steering committee in the initial case, or to all garden members if the steering committee could not, or the steering committee alone is not adequate, to resolve the situation. 

Second, the persons the grievances are against have 4 days to respond (by [day] [date]), in which to do either of the following:
A. Reply to the email.
B. request for a phone conference meeting.

Third, at the end of the 4th day, and then after a review period by the steering committee, or the garden membership, of no longer than 2 days after the day of receipt of the reply, a(n) [online] special meeting may be called for and scheduled either by the accuser, and preferably with the date available by the accused, or by the steering committee (or garden membership) to make a determination towards a resolution for each of the grievances (listed below). 
If no reply is received by [day] [date], then that will be taken into account when making a determination.

The determination may involve either a mutual and amicable resolution; or someways for restoring trust; or, one or more ways as agreed upon by the majority of vote by either the steering committee as an initial case, or by the entire garden membership in the case the steering committee cannot or is inadequate to resolve the situation, such as, the loss of the key privilege for 6 months, 1 year or longer, but keep their garden membership, which means can only be in the garden when another garden member with key is in the garden[, and they are also no longer on the garden steering committee]; or the person is expelled from the garden for a specified period of time (1 year, 2 years) – loss of key and loss of membership; or, the person is expelled and may not revisit for possible return as a member for no less than at least 4 years later as may be determined by the steering committee; and in the case of expulsion, whether short-term or long-term, an additional stipulation may be made clear in any judgement, that during the period of expulsion, the accused is barred from visiting the garden, that is, they may not enter the garden.

The date of the conference meeting will then be announced to either just the steering committee, or to all garden members. At the meeting, the first order will be to state the grievances in details, and then for each person that the grievances are against to make their case/defense and include proposing their own resolution.

PLEASE refer to the garden bylaws for reference:

DETAILS of the grievances are as follow:

Grievances addressed to [accused]:

Grievances made by [accuser].                                     

Incident 1.
VIOLATION of Bylaws Section [#], [section text].
On [date], [accuser] witnessed [accused], [statement]. 

Incident 2.
VIOLATION of Garden Guidelines [#], [guidelines text].
On [date], [accuser] witnessed [accused], [statement]. 

Statement of issue regarding this matter by [witness]:

Additional grievance:
VIOLATION of Bylaws Section [#], [section text].
On [date], [accuser] witnessed [accused], [statement]. 

Please reply to all of the above by [day] [date] either in writing by replying to this email, or by requesting for a phone conference meeting with the steering committee.

With regard,
[person making the grievance]
[Member] (and/or) [Steering Committee], Vamos A Sembrar
[Day] [Date]